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Plenary Session: Counteraction to illegal circulation of goods on the territory of the EAEC: reality and prospects



Zhaksylykov Timur Mekeshevich-  Member of the Board (Minister) for economy and financial policy of the EAEC (to be confirmed)


1.      Pankratov Oleg Mikhailovich - Vice-Prime  Minister of Economic Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, Chairman of the organizing Committee of the Forum

2.      Sidorsky Sergey Sergeyevich – Member of the Board (Minister) for industry and agricultural complex of the EAEC (to be confirmed)

3.      Evtukhov Victor Leonidovich – Deputy Chairman of the State Commission on combating illicit trafficking of industrial products, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation

4.      Suleimenov Timur Muratovich – Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan (to be confirmed)

5.      Aslakhanov Aslambek Akhmedovich – President of the International Association "Anticounterfeiting", Major-General of the Militia, Professor, LL.D., State Counsellor 1st Class



6.      Jogorku Kenesh – Deputy of the Kyrgyz Republic (to be confirmed)

7.      Kozhoshev Arzybek Orozbekovich – Minister of economy of the Kyrgyz Republic (to be confirmed)

8.      Zilaliev Duishenbek Teksherbekovich – Chairman of the State Committee of Industry, Energy and Subsoil use of the Kyrgyz Republic (to be confirmed)

9.    Baturkin Andrey Nikolaevich – Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service (the Russian Federation)

10. Azizyan Armen Feliksovich – Head of Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Armenia of Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia  (to be confirmed)

11. Martin Fleury – Customs Attaché of the Embassy of France to the Russian Federation (to be confirmed)

12. Protasov Maksim Aleksandrovich – Head of ANO "Roskachestvo" (to be confirmed)

13. Lotsmanov Andrey Nikolaevich – First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment of Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (upon confirming);

14. Skorokhod Mikhail Anatolievich – Chairman of The Board of the "SOYUZCEMENT", President of JSC "EUROCEMENT group" (to be confirmed);

15. Svantner Michal – Director of the Department for Transition and Developed Countries of the World Intellectual Property Organization. 

16. Sesitsky Evgeny - Program Manager, Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Europe Department, Department for Transition and Developed Countries of the World Intellectual Property Organization

Direct speech
Dmitry Medvedev:
Black and grey import markets must be liquidated from the arena
What is the difference between counterfeit and falsified products?
On a conservative estimate, turnover of counterfeit products within Russia exceeds 100 billion roubles per year.
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