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Round Table 2: State policymaking in the sphere of support of public associations of inventors and other intellectual property market participants focused on the development of science and technology, protection of rights of rights holders.


Ishchenko Anton Anatolievich – the Chairman of the Central Council of all-Russian society of inventors and rationalizers


1.      Sukharev I. K. – Deputy of the State Duma, first Deputy Chairman of Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on development of civil society, public and religious associations - "features of formation of state policy in the sphere of support of non-profit organizations that promote science, technology and the market of intellectual property";

2.      Arifulin, A. A. – Professor, honored lawyer of the Russian Federation "the Arbitration court as an effective tool of protection of the rights of intellectual property owner";

3.      Meshcherin I. V. – President of the National chamber of engineers of Russia - "Copyright as a mechanism of quality control, reliability and safety of engineering objects";

4.      Horoschkeev V. A. – Director General of the Association of forensic examination of intellectual property - "the State and prospects of judicial examination of patents";

5.      Petrovskaya E. V. - patent attorney of the Russian Federation "Cooperation with customs authorities in case of alleged violation of the trademark law";

6.      Serpkova N. A. - patent attorney of the Russian Federation, expert of the international patent law - "Approaches to the protection of intellectual property right holders in Europe, North America and Russia."

7.      Azar M. M. – the adviser of the Chairman of the Council of NP SRO "design-Engineer" and SRO NP "Engineer-Prospector" - "Problems of the copyright holder during the registration of IP rights and patent litigation"

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Dmitry Medvedev:
Black and grey import markets must be liquidated from the arena
What is the difference between counterfeit and falsified products?
On a conservative estimate, turnover of counterfeit products within Russia exceeds 100 billion roubles per year.
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