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Section 9: Issues of combating illegal circulation of industrial products in pharmaceutical industry

Issues for discussion:

- the counterfeit and fake farm.products and methods of dealing with it:the conduct of inspections for the main types of exported, imported and transit of raw material slurries (hereinafter "products"), as well as their use in the domestic market; quality control of drugs sold through pharmacies;to establish a uniform grid pricing for drugs and pharmaceuticals in the pharmacy network subject to the requirements of the legislation, for commercial profit, the decision on the closure of consumer demand for high-quality LS and LP; the quality of raw materials and their analogues for the manufacture of drugs and medicines; the issues of vaccinations, replacement of outdated drugs as unspectacular and inefficient; secondary(undocumented) effects from taking drugs; the use and therapeutic effectiveness has not been proven by clinical trials of LS and LP; problem related to HP and LP immunomodulators; tests, checks on the quality of the products and their analogues; the creation and maintenance of a register of risk factors for imported farm products, conducting monitoring and inspections of cargo products pledged as collateral in warehouses, pharmacies, factories;organization and conduct of inspections of the quantity and quality of products while loading/unloading in storage areas, on ships in the Russian and foreign ports.

- the acquisition and receipt of drugs at the expense of means of the budget which are not specified in Federal and territorial programs of compulsory medical insurance and essential drugs (the List of vital

and essential medicinal products); - the influence of external factors, FZ and 223 44 on the development, changes in capacity, demand/consumer demand for medicinal and non-medicinal product; - the insurance risks of the clinical trials;

- the impact of the public sector to the development of the private pharmaceutical business;

- receiving cash in the event of the occurrence of the insured event;

- problems of registration of maximum selling prices of producers at the Federal level and establishing maximum wholesale and retail markups at the regional level for drugs on the VED list;

- the observance and protection of the rights of intellectual property of drug manufacturers and drugs;

- the transition to a new order of application of cash registers

as a system for the labeling of drugs will be implemented and applied in the pharmaceutical industry? Problems anticipated in the application? Further development of marking of LS and LP.


Reznik Boris Lvovich - public figure, the head of the charity foundation for seriously ill children "Nadezhda"



1.      Serebryanskiy Oleg Yuryevich – head of the clinic of "Medicine 24/7";

2.      Gritsenko Irina Yuryevna – President of ANO "Centre for conflict management in medicine";

3.      Korovina Elena Vladimirovna – the President of Charity Fund "Novaya Sudba"

4.      Brovarets Alexander Viktorovich – the General Director of the "Planet of health" (to be confirmed);

5.      Klimenko Herman Sergeevich – Advisor of the Russian President on the Internet, the head of the Institute for Internet development (to be confirmed);

6.      Gaysinsky Yuri Yurievich – General Director of "Nizhny Novgorod pharmacy network" (to be confirmed);

7.      Karpova Anastasia Gennadievna – General Director GK "ERKAFARM" (to be confirmed);

8.      Pogrebinsky Dmitry Borisovich – the General Director of CV PROTEK (to be confirmed);

9.      Sboev Georgy Alexandrovich – Deputy head of Department of drug provision and regulation of circulation of medicines of the Ministry of health (to be confirmed);

10.    Konobeev Leonid Valentinovich – General Director, ZAO "NPC Katren" (to be confirmed).

Direct speech
Dmitry Medvedev:
Black and grey import markets must be liquidated from the arena
What is the difference between counterfeit and falsified products?
On a conservative estimate, turnover of counterfeit products within Russia exceeds 100 billion roubles per year.
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