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Only 7% of Russians Satisfied with the State Protection against Substandard Alcohol

The Investigation Centre of the recruiting portal has conducted a public opinion poll among economically active Russians drinking spirits. The poll has found out that, at least once for the last year, 27% of Russians were affected by substandard drinks.

In the case with substandard alcohol, poor-quality was frequently polled for vodka (32% of respondents), beer (30%), wine (26%), cognac (14%), whisky (10%), champagne (4%), and tequila (2%).

At that, 5% of Russians who had ever suffered from counterfeit drinks pointed out low quality of such spirits as port wine, rum, martini, cocktails containing alcohol, liquor, etc.

Respondents shared their negative experience, “Packed wine stands for overmuch sediment, unpalatable bitterness, and odd color”; “Our friend got food poisoning from our gift cognac.” 3% of people participating in the poll are convinced that the whole alcohol produced in Russia is of poor-quality, that is why they don’t recommend buying it here, “I try not to buy spirits in Russia”; “We tend to get wine abroad when traveling.”

The majority of Russians (72%) thinks that the state authorities and manufacturers don’t enforce all necessary measures to protect people against substandard products. “The state authorities carry out their inspections in a slipshod manner even at well-known counterfeiting outlets”; “Excise labeling won’t work until they can counterfeit excise labels and buy everything they need for production,” comment respondents.

Only 7% of those asked are satisfied with the level of the state protection against substandard alcohol, whereas 21% fail to adequately estimate anti-counterfeiting measures, “It’s nothing but an eye show instead of real protection!”

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