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Burning Issues Should Be Addressed

In Yekaterinburg, there has been raised one of the most socially and politically relevant question on the distinctive line between terms of private property and copyright.

The lawyers, journalists, and creative professionals of Yekaterinburg have gathered for the round-table meeting on the authorship issues.

Today, the problem of authorship is acquiring ever more urgent character. Can performing songs in public or copying music from CD to iPod be considered as crime? Is it allowed to utilize torrent trackers and video files at the social service VKontakte? Digital libraries: piracy or education?

There were two questions on the round-table agenda: the issue of the Internet publication of creative content and, arising in this connection, the issue of collective management of copyrighted materials.

After the discussion, the participants of the meeting have concluded that burning authorship issues should be addresses by cooperative efforts of lawyers within their professional community as well as in the course of dialogue between lawyers and creative professionals whose interests are mostly affected in the case. It has been decided to continue surveys on the opinion of authors, performers, writers, and other creative professionals and to submit the proposal of considering the summarized opinion to the Council for Codification and Enhancement of Civil Legislation headed by the President of the Russian Federation.

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